Looking for interesting opportunities

Posted on July 28th, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz in Blog. No Comments

After 3 years working in xsights as VP R&D, it is now time to move on.

I am looking for an interesting development management position preferably as VP R&D. Other interesting opportunities (e.g. a  chief architect position) will also be welcomed. The position should be in Israel (Hasharon, Tel-aviv or Haifa areas)

On a related note, I am also available for focused consulting engagements. By focused I mean deliverables oriented (not by the hour) engagements such as architecture evaluation, technical due diligence or architecture  workshop. You can see more details in this page. Currently I am available for consulting world-wide.

If you are interested you can grab a copy of my CV from here (English) or here (Hebrew)

Last but not least, since we are closing my team is also on the look for new jobs so if you need some great .NET people please ping me as well

For those of you scratching your head regarding last weeks “wanted ad” – yes this was a surprise for us (esp. considering that that the company was restarted with a new CEO just 4 months ago..oh well that’s life I guess :) )

You can contact me here

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