SOA Patterns status update

Posted on March 16th, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz in Blog, Featured Posts, SOA Patterns. No Comments

I want to say I am delighted but I guess relieved is the right word here  – I’ve finally submitted all the book chapters to manning and I’m now doing an editing round on all the chapters (re-adding missing images, update pattern references, fixing typos etc.).





The current (and hopefully final) table of contents  is as follows:

  • Part I – SOA Patterns
    • Chapter 1 – Solving SOA pains with patterns – an introduction
    • Chapter 2 – Basic structural patterns
    • Chapter 3 – Performance, scalability and availability patterns
    • Chapter 4 – Security and manageability patterns
    • Chapter 5 – Message exchange patterns
    • Chapter 6 – Service consumer interaction patterns
    • Chapter 7 – Service integration patterns
  • part II – SOA in the real world
    • Chapter 8 – SOA anti-patterns
    • Chapter 9 – Putting it all together – a case study
    • Chapter 10 – SOA vs. the world – how SOA fits with other techs:  REST, Cloud and Big data
As part of the update round I’ve added a patten map that shows some of the relations between the pattern which you can see below (click for larger image).

I suppose it would take some more time before the final version of the book will be available (it is getting there…) but I guess  this is also a good time to thank the thousands of you who bought this book  via early access even though it was far from finished.

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