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Ignorance I tell you, it is all ignorance.

Posted on November 19th, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz in Blog. 3 comments

I was poking around my old blog (rgoarchitects.com) and I found this post from 2007 which I think is worth re-iterating:

In a post called “Ignorance vs. Negligence“, Ayende blows some steam off on some of the so called “professionals” that he met along the way. You know …those with a fancy title that don’t know jack and design some of the nightmares we see from time to time. I’ve seen this phenomena in a lot of projects I consulted/reviewed:

The senior security expert who recommended something which isn’t supported by the platform
The senior architect who throw the system down to hell by basing all the system on a clunky asynchronous solutions that should only be used by a tiny portion of the application.
The geniuses that built this wonderful code generator that generated code with so many dependencies and singletons that made … Read More »

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