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Utility trees and quality attributes

Posted on April 27th, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz in Blog, SAF. No Comments

I recently answered this question in Stackoverflow :


What is an utility tree and what is it’s purpose in case of Architecture tradeoff analysis method(ATAM)?

 I did answer the question there but here’s a better explanation with lots of examples base on the initial version for chapter 1 of SOA Patterns (which didn’t make it into the final version of the book).

There are two types of requirements for  software projects: functional and non-functional requirements. Functional requirements are the requirements for what the solution must do (which  are usually expressed as use cases or stories). The functional requirements are what the users (or systems) that interact with the system do with the system (fill in an order, update customer details, authorize a loan etc.).

Non-Functional requirements are attributes the system is expected to have or manifest. These usually include requirements in areas such as performance, … Read More »

Software architecture should start with Why

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I recently saw Simon Sinek‘s TedX talk on Start with Why (see below) talking about leadership.

But WHY  am I telling you this? For one, it’s a good talk on leadership and inspiration in itself (well worth the  18 minutes or so it would take you to watch it). The main reason, however, as the title says, is that  it also pertains to software architecture decisions.

Simon talks about “the golden circle” going from Why -> How -> What. Saying most people work from the outside in (rarely getting to the why) and leaders work from the inside our (starting with Why). It is true for us as well –  Software architecture decisions should start with why

We’re not just building an SOA (What) using mule or nservicebus (How) we’re doing that to build a flexible solution so that we can respond to … Read More »

Evolving Architectures – Part I What’s Software Architecture

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I’m writing a short series of posts for MS Israel MCS blog (in Hebrew) and I’d thought I’d translate them to English, as it seems to me they are interesting enough.

In this series I am going to talk about Evolutionary Architecture or , some of the aspect of dealing with software architecture in agile projects. The topic is interesting since architecture and agile seems to have some conflicting forces at work to better understand that let’s start by defining software architecture

There are many definitions for software architecture, with the simplest one (attributed, I think, to Kent Beck) that software architecture is what software architects does. Leaving the fact that (unfortunately) sometimes software architects are very far from building software architectures, the definition doesn’t tell us much. There are many … Read More »