Distributed computing reading list

Posted on August 21st, by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz in Blog. No Comments

My twitter feed spewed a very good list of distributed computing related papers (compiled by Dan Creswell). There are links to a lot of papers there. Few of my favorites include The fallacies of distributed computing by Peter Deutsch – you may also want to check out the paper I wrote explaining them; Life beyond distributed transactions an apostate’s opinion by Pat Helland and also “The Byzantine generals problem” by Leslie Lamport, Robert Shostak and Marshall Pease, “A note of distributed computing” by Samuel C. Kendall, Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath and Geoff Wyant and “Harvest, yield, and scalable tolerant systems” by Armando Fox, Eric A. Brewer which I mentioned before in “10 papers every architect should read”

There are a also a few additional papers that are not in that list and that I found illuminating:

“Architectural Styles and the Design … Read More »

REST with JAX-RS and silverlight clients

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I am Working on a RESTful  service using Jersey (not my first choice, but a reasonable compromise). It is hosted inside FuseESBand all is well. Here’s an overly simplified version of the resource that reports status:

public class StatusResource {
public String getStatus() {
if (checkStatus())
return "Ok";
return "Not so good";

Then we tried to connect a silverlight client to this server (don’t ask me why).  The first hurdle was a security one. Silverlight doesn’t like to communicate with a server it didn’t launch from. To resolve … Read More »