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SOA Patterns short status update

First off, In the previous post I published the Transactional Integration anti-pattern – if you need it for off-line reading you can also get it in PDF form.

I am currently writing the “3-tier SOA” anti-pattern and it seems that together with “Whitebox services” anti-pattern it will complete the anti-patterns chapter. The two other anti-patterns in the chapter are Nanoservices and the Knot

I’ve also started writing the composite-front end pattern (e.g. portals,  prism etc.) but mid-way I thought about it  and stopped. I basically realized that there are a few patterns that are pretty common to SOA on one hand, but you are much more likely to use a 3rd party solution that includes them than to realize them yourself. These include the composite front-end mentioned above, repository, orchestration, servicebus, service host that appears in chapter 2 (though I think that is marginal case) and maybe a couple of others. I am thinking in moving these to an “SOA infrastructure patterns” chapter. The open question I still have is would they need the same structure and depth as the other patterns. For example it might  beneficial to emphasis usage, or expand the technology mapping  etc.

As always, any comments are welcomed

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  1. I would love to see what you’ve written thus far on composite UIs, even if it never makes it into the book. Blogs are great like that.  You can push out half-baked ideas from time to time and see if they stick.  We have implemented a browser-based composite UI and I was curious what you might say about composite UIs in general.

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I will finish writing it – it isn’t that I think it is not an important SOA pattern. I am just considering if the way I documented the other patterns is the best way to document this (and the other patterns I mentioned) or not.


  3. Kristoffer Kristoffer

    Great blog Arnon, Looking forward to the finished product. I hope that whatever you end up doing, you devote some much needed attention to the topic of composite UIs. I think that the topic of composite UIs is very important because for many developers (or maybe just me), it will help put things into perspective. So much of SOA and EDA seems to be relegated to middleware integration solutions, and it can be difficult to know how these concepts relate to or affect the typical interactive apps that most users and developers are used to, other than to simply serve as data synchronization mechanisms between apps. Seeing the relationship between the frontend (especially a web based one) and a couple of services would be as icing is to cake, or milk is to cookies, or…you get my point.

  4. Rahma Fourati Rahma Fourati

    I would  like to than you for making soa anti-patterns but you have not yet post the last two anti-patterns, are you still wiriting them? Please I need to read them.


  5. I am currently writing the last pattern of the book. The rest is already submitted and published in the MEAP (except chapter 7 which I guess is waiting for that last pattern)

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