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Introducing H-Rider

In the last year and half or so (since I  joined Nice Systems ) we’ve been hard at work building our big data platform based on a  lot of open source technologies including Hadoop and HBase and quite a few others. Building on open source brings a lot of benefits and helps cut development time by building on the knowledge and effort of other.

I personally think that this has to be  two-way street and as a company benefits for open source it should also give something back. This is why I am very happy to introduce Nice’s first (hopefully first of many) contribution back to the open source community. A UI dev tool for working with HBase called h-rider. H-rider offers a convenient user interface to poke around data stored in HBase which our developers find very useful both for development and debugging  

h-rider is developer and maintained by Igor Cher, one of the best developers

Here is some more blurb from the hrider git wiki:

What is h-rider?

The h-rider is a UI application created to provide an easier way to view or manipulate the data saved in the distributed database – HBase™ – that supports structured data storage for large tables.

Getting started

To get started, begin here:

  1. Learn about h-rider by reading the manual.
  2. Download h-rider from the release page (or git clone from the repo)

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  1. Abhishek Jain Abhishek Jain

    Wow this seems to be a great tool. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Shahab Yunus Shahab Yunus

    Hello. This is very helpful but is there a way to connect to a cluster with Kerberos authentication on (on that cluster, that is)?

  3. Amir Amir

    Hey can i implement this view for couchbase cluster?

  4. I am no longer @ Nice so I can’t answer for them – but the project is available on github and is Apache license so you can take it and adopt it to what you need

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